cat grooming tips

Everything You Need to Know About Cat Grooming

By nature, cats are well equipped to groom themselves. You may have noticed your cat grooming themselves several times a day, and it is not just for aesthetic purposes, but more so an instinctual purpose. Cats groom themselves to try to rid of any scents that may let other animals know they are around. Grooming also helps distribute their natural oils to make their fur shiny and clean. A cat self-grooming does not go deeper than the topcoat, so senior cats or cats with longer fur may need human assistance.

Veterinary Sedation

One of the great advantages of grooming at (hospital name) is that we make it completely stress-free. This means, if you prefer or it is recommended by our staff, we can sedate your cat.

All sedations are approved by you beforehand, and an estimate is provided. Sedation is a medical procedure requiring doctor oversight and is administered by our medical staff. You and your cat will have the best, stress-free, experience at our facility.

Professional Cat Grooming

Although cats are self-sufficient, they need an extra hand when it comes to these items:

  • Checking for flea/parasite
  • Addressing fur matting
  • Identifying dermatologic issues
  • Soothing medicated shampoos for clean, shiny, fur
  • Tracking weight
  • Keeping your cat’s nails trimmed
  • Ear cleaning

Cat vs. Water

While it is known that most cats hate water, you will be surprised that some cats tolerate water when it comes to bathing. A bath is highly recommended when fur is matted if brushing does not seem to do the trick.

grooming cat with matted fur

Cat Haircuts

Brushing is not always the best solution when grooming cats. If you have a senior, overweight or long-haired cat, a haircut may be the best solution.

Claw Trimming

Trimming your cat’s claws is a challenge. Sometimes, to calm your cat, it takes several people to help. Special cat nail clippers can make this task quite simple. If you chose to trim your cat’s nails by yourself, be aware that there is a “quick” that delivers blood to the nail, and the quick occupies most of the nail. The frequency of which you trim your cat’s nails will determine the size and length of the quick. So, if you clip their nails more often, the quick will begin receding. If a nail ever starts bleeding, do not worry! This is not unusual. After several times of trimming their nails, they will be at the desired length. When in doubt, cat claw trimming is a task that is best left to our TLC Veterinary Hospital professionals. It may save you some scratches and stress your cat less.

Home Care Tips for Cats

Watch for grooming-related issues and address them early. Grooming your cat is important for good skin health. Make a veterinary appointment if you note itching, self-biting, or skin conditions such as skin bumps or rashes, fur loss, scaly dry skin or any other dermatological condition.

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