caring for your pet in the fall

Pet Care in the Fall

Fall is just around the corner. The mornings will get chillier and the nights cooler making it the perfect time to get your pets out and about. While the fall is great time for your pet, there are still some precautions that you should take.

Back to School

You may be so busy shuttling your kids to the store for new school supplies, that you may not notice a few markers or glue sticks missing. While most back to school supplies have low toxicity as they’re designed for children, they can still cause issues with your pets. Items that are small enough to be chewed on or swallowed may cause intestinal blockage problems down the line. Keep backpacks on a shelf or hook to keep your curious pets from getting into things they shouldn’t.


Candles are a great addition to the fall décor and smell of your home. However curious pets are notorious for making big problems, and a knocked over candle can cause a much larger issue for your home and family. If you’re going to have candles lit, place them in an area where they can’t be reached, and keep an eye on your pet so they don’t burn themselves.

Looking out for wildlife

Seeing the colors change on the trees is one of the best parts of the autumn, which makes a walk or a hike with your pet a great activity. If you’re heading out with your furry friend, be sure to lookout for other wildlife. As fall progresses, snakes begin to prepare for hibernation, which increases the possibility of bites to unsuspecting pets, and humans too.

In addition, wearing bright colors and staying in safe, open areas are simple solutions to stay out of harm’s way. Make sure to always have your pets on leashes when walking and keep them within a fenced area when you’re playing outside.

Poisonous Foliage

Knowing which popular fall plants can be toxic to dogs, cats, and horses will help you choose safe fall foliage for your home and keep you aware of what to watch for when you take your pets out. Some popular fall plants that are poisonous to pets include mums, red maple trees, gingko trees and especially mushrooms.

Fall is the season for wild mushrooms to be popping up in your yard and the woods. Many varieties of mushrooms can be poisonous and even deadly to your pets, but it’s best to consider all mushrooms something your pets should stay away from when they’re outside. If your pet does end up ingesting any of these plants, seek veterinary help immediately.

Cold Weather Poisons

As the weather cools, rodents tend to move inside to nest for the winter. It can be a time when the use of rat and mouse poisons increase. These poisons are highly toxic to your furry friends, and if they ingest them the results can be fatal. If you use these products, consider where you use them in your home and make sure they’re out of the reach of your pets.

Something you may have not considered before, if you change the coolant in your car, be careful as to where you spill. Ethylene glycol-based coolants are toxic to animals, so be sure to clean up after a change.

Take away

Be careful with your pets in the fall, and at any time of the year. Consider what can be left out, and what they have access to. Be sure to keep toxins out of reach, and keep in mind that some toxins may not appear toxic to you, but they can be harmful to your pets. If you pet ingests anything potentially poisonous or comes into contact with another wild animal and needs medical attention, please call TLC Veterinary Hospital at (251) 649-6709.