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Pet Cancer Treatment

Pet Cancer Treatment

Pet Cancer Treatment

As animal health enthusiasts, we understand that serious health conditions may arise in a pet’s life. With years of experience and a well-versed veterinary staff, we’re proud to help provide pet cancer treatment. Our team is empathetic, compassionate and highly-trained in this sensitive matter. We’re here to provide a thorough analysis, diagnosis and recommend the best treatment process.

Determining Factors for Pet Cancer

There are a handful of reasons as to how this life-changing health condition may have presented itself. These determining factors include:

  • age
  • overall health
  • tumor size and type
  • tumor behavior ; and
  • the stage of the Cancer

Pet Cancer Treatments

While the patient’s overall health can help determining the type of recovery to be received, there are also other treatments available. Some of these pet cancer treatment options may include:

    • Ancillary pain management
    • Surgical removal or reduction of tumor
    • Chemotherapy
    • Oral medication
    • Holistic / herbal therapy

We’re here to help support you through this important time. Contact our team today for additional information.